Where Are They Now?

National Report on the Career Outcomes of Spring 2014 College Graduates: Six Months After Graduation

Join us for this webinar presenting the first and only nationally standardized data on the career outcomes of U.S. college graduates, collected using The Outcomes Survey®.

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In spring 2014, 54 institutions in 22 States began gathering first destination career outcomes data on their graduates using The Outcomes Survey® (TOS). Beginning in May, 36,515 spring 2014 graduates were surveyed at graduation, three months after graduation and six months after graduation. These graduates will be surveyed again one year after graduation.

In this webinar, Max Wartel, Head of Research and Analysis for CSO Research, Inc., will present highlights of the responses collected by six months after graduation by the 36 institutions that followed The Outcomes Survey® "Gold Standard" research methodology in surveying their spring 2014 graduates, certifying that their data adheres to the TOS best practice standards for institutional research and qualifying it to be included in TOS National Reports on First Destination Career Outcomes and beyond.

Universities using
The Outcomes Survey: