Chegg LogoPress Release: Chegg and CSO Research, Inc. to Track Career Outcomes of Recent College Graduates

Upcoming Webinars

CSO Research, Inc. is pleased to announce our summer 2015 series of free career outcomes webinars on best practices for data collection and reporting:

Best Practices for Collecting and Reporting Salary Data

Join Max Wartel and Michael Bell of the CSO Research, Inc. survey research team for this discussion of methodologies and best practices when collecting, analyzing, and interpreting graduate salary data.

Existing and Emerging Standards for Career Outcomes Data Reporting

Understanding the landscape, meeting the expectations, and defining your institution’s career outcomes data collection strategy.

Do’s and Don’ts for Collecting Valid and Defensible First Destination Data with Texas Lutheran University

The White House College Scorecard, The Student Right to Know Before You Go legislation and The U.S. Education Department’s Gainful Employment regulations all signal the growing importance of data on college graduate career outcomes.

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Download the Executive Summary of Six Month Data Spring Class of 2014 - Median Salaries by Academic Major View the Six Month Data Infographic

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