The Outcomes Survey – Informed Consent Statement

You are invited to participate in The Outcomes Survey®. This survey is being conducted by your college or university (hereafter referred to as “institution”) in conjunction with GradLeaders, Inc.

The purpose of this survey is to examine student’s professional and academic career outcomes following graduation. Your participation in this survey will contribute to a better understanding of what students at your institution do after graduating. This data is used by your institution and at a national level by GradLeaders, Inc. You are free to contact your institution with any additional questions.

If you agree to participate:

The survey will take approximately 5-7 minutes of your time, although it could take longer depending on your answers. Participation will involve answering questions about a variety of topics that may include your job search, employment status, pursuit of additional education, motivation, satisfaction, and engagement with institutional resources.


There may be survey items with which you are uncomfortable or would rather not answer. You may skip these items or decline to answer using the “I’d rather not answer” option. There are no other known risks associated with completing this survey. There are no costs for participating, nor are there any direct benefits to you. Data obtained may be beneficial to your institution and contribute to a greater understanding of student career outcomes following graduation.


You may receive incentives from a national drawing based on your participation. These incentives will be offered based on completion during each of the survey periods (at graduation, 3 months following, 6 months following, and 1 year following). Incentives are provided at the national level and odds of receiving incentives are based upon the total number of participants who have completed the survey in a given survey period. Drawings are conducted randomly, and all entrants have an equal chance of winning. Incentives will be disbursed within six months from the close of the final survey period. Information on claiming these prizes will be emailed to you using the email address on file with The Outcomes Survey. Inquiries about this program should be directed to

Confidentiality and Anonymity of Responses

Your privacy and the confidentiality of your data will be protected. Data collected will be stored on secure servers and will only be accessible to The Outcomes Survey® Research Team and representatives at your institution. Identifying information will be kept by GradLeaders, Inc. during the data collection phase for tracking purposes only. Email addresses may be used to inform you of the award of prizes associated with the national drawing described in the Incentives/Compensation section above, but this information will not be directly associated with your responses. A limited number of research team members will have access to this data during data collection. This information will be provided to your institution.

Your responses will be provided to your institution. Your responses will be connected to a limited set of your academic background data and demographic information in order to monitor and mitigate response bias or to facilitate analysis based on these factors. Once data are transferred back to your college or university, they may be connected to additional academic background data and demographics (to further inform campus-level program review and improvement efforts at the institution.

All identifying information will be stripped by GradLeaders, Inc. from the final national dataset which will only be presented in aggregate form. If it becomes necessary for any other entity other than your institution to review the survey records, information that can be linked to you will be protected to the extent permitted by law. Other than as described in this document, your research records will not be released without your consent unless required by law or a court order. The data resulting from your participation may be made available to other researchers in the future for research purposes not detailed within this consent form. In these cases, the data will contain no identifying information that could associate it with you, or with your participation in this survey.

Participation or Withdrawal

Your participation in this study is voluntary unless otherwise specified by your institution. You may decline to answer any question and you have the right to withdraw from participation at any time. Required questions can be declined using the “I’d rather not answer” option. If you do not want to participate, either simply stop participating or close the browser window. You may decide not to participate at all or, if you start the study, you may withdraw at any time. Data is recorded at the time of entry regardless of completion status. If you wish to withdraw your data you must contact your institution and GradLeaders, Inc. within one week submitting a response. Unless specific requirements have been set forth by your institution, withdrawal or refusing to participate will not affect your relationship with your institution in any way. You may decline to answer any item regardless of institutional requirements. You do not waive any rights, legal claims, or remedies by participating in this study.

Questions about participation

For general information about the survey, including how to recover your survey link, please refer to our frequently asked questions.

If you have more specific questions about the survey, your participation, or need to update your email address, contact your institution. Contact information is included in the email(s) you received prompting your participation.

Inquiries may also be directed to All inquiries are private and confidential. Information obtained through inquiries will not be shared with your institution without your explicit permission.

Thank you.


You may print a copy of this document for your records.

Participation in The Outcomes Survey® indicates that you have read and agree to the above terms.